Dan Bernhard


Dan Bernhard has 37 years of construction experience.  In his role as Vice President of Preconstruction, Dan provides estimating support and management of our offices.  Dan is responsible for his staff delivering quality proposals that allow projects to be successful for all team members. His ability to conceptualize design and cost details results in early budgets that can be maintained throughout the design phase of construction.

Words to live by:

The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and common sense.

– Thomas A. Edison


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Q&A session with: Dan Bernhard

Why you love what you do?

The opportunity to collaborate with Trade Partners, Owners, and Design Teams to turn visions into great buildings.

Why did you first get into construction?

I have been fascinated with construction since I was a small child. My favorite toys were Tonka tractors. I was building roads in the garden since I was about five years old.

What are the things that you depend on or that just make life easier?

Technology. Our industry is constantly changing and the more technology you can rely on to make the process easier, the more efficient and accurate we become.

Why do you like being in the construction industry?

The unique challenges each project brings. It is an industry where mass-production does not exist. All projects are different even when, on the surface, several may look the same.

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