At Welty, we treat our employees for what they are, our most valuable asset.  More than just an asset, our employees are family. Welty’s family atmosphere flourishes because we integrate our Core Values of OPTIC in everything we do.  At Welty, we live our terminal values of Openness, Passion, Teamwork, Integrity, and Customer Centricity. When we bring a new member into our family we foster an OPTIC lifestyle and empower our employees to never be afraid to do what is right. We call it “Thinking Welty.”


These values are the heart and soul of Welty. By honoring them in everything we do, it makes it easy for us to “never be afraid to do the right thing” bringing to our customers an amazing building experience.
OPTIC is our organization’s DNA, that provides the code on how to treat and collaborate with each other; creating that extraordinary place we all want to work. In the end, strategies are set, the values of OPTIC are lived, forming the foundation of ‘Build to Last.’


We are fully committed to supporting the work/life balance of all of our employees.   We are actively recruiting exceptionally talented and experienced professionals to join our team.

Construction – Project Manager – Akron, OH

Construction – Assistant Project Manager – Akron, OH

Energy – Construction Site Coordinator

Energy – Project Manager –  Substation, T&D – Akron, OH

Energy – Project Coordinator – Akron, OH

Energy – Project Coordinator – Reading, PA

Senior HR Generalist – Akron, OH

Marketing – Co-Op – Akron, OH

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Welty Building Company is an equal opportunity employer.



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