Welty acknowledges the importance of paving the way for women considering a career in construction. One aspect of the current construction workforce that many experts have touched upon is the ongoing fight against growing workforce shortages. The deficit of craftspeople is exacerbated by causes

such as the push for young people to get four-year degrees at a university rather than explore trades.

Paving the way for women to grow within the construction industry is seen as a viable way to address staffing shortages while introducing more women to fruitful careers in construction.
As conversations continue surrounding the rapidly changing face of construction, there have been many pushes throughout the industry to encourage more female workers. Among them are construction firms prioritizing recruiting women at all levels of industry, the influence of women-owned construction firms whose number has nearly doubled since 2007, and the growing number of women assuming leadership roles in the field.
Are you looking for a new job with a company that has a strong workforce of women? At Welty, we empower our female workforce and advocate for women seeking leadership roles. Head to Careers to see all of our openings and find what could be a great fit for you!
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