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When will your next building emergency happen – and will you be prepared?

Welty Facility Services Group (WFSG) Offers Property Condition Assessments & Consultation

Fall and Winter Building Maintenance Services

Will your heating system make it through the winter? What unexpected repair is going to pop up next? Questions like these make building maintenance especially challenging: where “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Want to learn more? Take the two-minute WFSG survey to Assess Your Building’s Maintenance and Safety Plan and mitigate the unexpected.

Now WFSG is offering building owners and maintenance managers specialized insight into building conditions with a comprehensive Property Condition Assessment (PCA) – helping them get answers to tough questions.

The WFSG PCA includes:

  • Reviewing documentation and interviewing key service personnel
  • A Site Survey of building structures and systems
  • A full Property Condition Report, including estimated costs to repair any needed items and long-term potential repairs
  • Tools for Long Range Capital Planning

PCAs allow owners to better understand the potential need for future capital expenditures as well as identify any routine maintenance issues that need to be budgeted into operating costs – so valuable assets are protected and issues are addressed before they become emergencies.


The Future of Commercial Construction: People-Centered Innovation

People-centered innovation is considered a paradigm shift in the construction industry, one that focuses on people not methods, schedules or budgets to deliver projects. Projects that use this approach are already experiencing the benefits – with more successful and cost-effective outcomes than traditional construction methods. The projects are also meeting the needs of shareholders, the community, stakeholders, and the planet.

People-centered innovation is the result of a culture that includes collaboration as well as joint innovation and creation. A recent in-depth study explored the success associated with a large commercial construction project that utilized people-centered innovation to maximize the effect of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). An e-book is available on the study. Download your free copy.



Keeping buildings running smoothly means routine maintenance on key systems and areas. Here are the most common items that we recommend clients inspect and address this time of year:

1. Roof System Inspection. A roof system inspection in early fall gives us the chance to catch problems before they become covered in winter’s worst. In fact, most roof systems do not fail because of roofing material issues; they fail because of issues where roof-mounted equipment (HVAC, plumbing, etc.) penetrate the surface. An inspection can catch these issues, helping to prolong the life of your roof. Best of all, WFSG does these inspections at no cost to you.

2. HVAC System Inspection. Winter temperatures will hit in no time: make sure your HVAC system is ready with a no-cost WFSG HVAC inspection now. HVAC systems require regular preventive maintenance services to keep them running in top condition. This not only helps them operate more efficiently (and cost-effectively) but also helps prevent breakdowns that could leave you without heat in the dead of winter.

3. Irrigation System Winterization. Fall is a critical time to make sure your sprinkler systems are shut down before freezing temps cause permanent (and expensive) damage. Winterizing is more than simply turning off the water to the system – it includes fully flushing all water from the pipes, valves and sprinkler heads. It’s also a good time to inspect heads and make sure they weren’t damaged from lawn equipment over the summer season.

Now is a great time to inventory your scheduled maintenance plan and make sure you’ve got all of your bases covered. WFSG can help you create this plan, and get every item completed – so your valuable assets are protected and issues are addressed before they become emergencies.


Assess Your Building’s Maintenance

Did you have an unexpected repair of a major building system in 2017?
Do you know the remaining useful life of your building and systems?
Do you have someone test your systems before the cold of winter?
Do you want to save money, avoid the unexpected, and keep your building running safely and smoothly?

Take our two-minute WFSG survey to assess your building’s maintenance and find out your vulnerabilities. For a free consultation, contact Tia Stathopoulos, General Manager of Facility Services, (234) 678-1121.