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Welty was chosen as the CMR for the upgrade of the Cleveland State University Science Building and Science Research Building, creating new collaborative learning environments and re-purposing existing space for Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, and Science Research Labs. Welty upgraded outdated research lab space and provided accessibility to current laboratory technology. Welty also addressed replacement of aging and failing infrastructure and systems that coincide with the reorganization of program spaces. Infrastructure and system needed included ductwork, heating and plumbing piping replacement, HVAC controls, fire suppression, electrical systems, fire alarm, telecommunications and audio/visual systems. Using BIM technology and laser scanning of the existing space will facilitate more timely phasing in order to align with the University’s academic calender.

  • Reconfiguration of existing lab spaces (walls, ceilings, circulation, building systems, etc.)
  • New casework and associated support services
  • Upgrade equipment to state of the art technology
  • Modernization of safety systems for code compliance
  • CM at Risk project delivery method
  • Renovation in occupied building
  • Planning and scheduling multi-phase projects
  • Teaching Laboratories and systems

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