Welty Building Company helped raise $6,261.02 for the National Advocate Initiative fund through our scrap fund. Welty collected scrap metal from our projects with the help of our subcontractors and was able to surpass our 2018 goal! We were able to achieve this with the help of a few of our subcontractors; JW Didado, Thompson Electric, KMU, Precision Environmental GroupK Company, Hilscher ClarkeComunale, and Ben Jones Concrete. This material came from our projects at East End and a few of our FirstEnergy projects. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our subcontractors and employees within Welty for their effort in collecting this scrap, cashing it in and creating the chance to be able to give back to children within our community.

We were also able to generate over $20,000 from the addition to the Considine Professional Building. This was achieved through our staff working at the project along with our subcontractors; JW Didado, Forest City, United Glass, Gorman Levelle, US Com and TH Martin. Read below to learn more about the National Advocate Initiative.


Need:  America’s future is dependent on the resiliency, competency, and drive of the children of today. Essential to the success of this population is excellent healthcare. As evidenced by the current national healthcare policy debate, our 75 million U.S. children—including the 40 million currently insured through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)—have a need for advocacy at the highest level. Because children cannot vote, it is easy for lawmakers to forget about their best interests in the wake of other political pressures. The decisions made by politicians, policy makers, and philanthropists will directly impact the welfare of future generations. The purposeful engagement of a well-known, respected, and knowledgeable pediatric-focused executive like Bill Considine enhances this need for advocacy.

Opportunities:  Akron Children’s Hospital has an enduring commitment to children’s health, and our trusted mission states the need for us to use our voices in advocating for the needs of children. The purpose of this national initiative is to continue engaging the wisdom, influence and goodwill of Bill Considine, CEO of Akron Children’s Hospital, in the advocacy of healthcare for children. Mr. Considine’s 39-year tenure, knowledge of pediatric healthcare, and respect fostered as a leader in the industry make him an ideal candidate for a convincing and insurmountable voice advocating for America’s most precious resource – children.

Bill Considine has already amassed a large network of followers through his longstanding advocacy work, including successful efforts to reauthorize CHIP, prevent the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, and avoid state budget cuts. He has the capability of securing meetings with policy makers to educate and spread awareness of children’s needs, as well as communicating through public speaking, position papers, social media posts, and other public communication channels, all with the purpose of advocating for public and private support across the country.

Plan and Target Audience:  To employ the vast network Mr. Considine has developed in advocating for children on local, regional and national levels. Akron Children’s Hospital intends to reach several audiences through Bill Considine’s national advocacy role. First, he will engage in activities relevant to new or existing policy regarding the well-being of children, including health issues. This will include meetings with other pediatric hospital administrators; local, state, and national legislators; healthcare decision makers; and pediatric policy makers. Finally, Bill Considine’s role will involve a broad public audience garnered through regional and national media attention pursuant to speaking engagements, editorial columns, and social media posts all aimed at advocating for public and private support across the country and improving the well-being of children.

One of Mr. Considine’s greatest strengths is his warm, personable nature. Pairing his significant knowledge of children’s healthcare with his ability to speak truth to powerful figures, while still retaining his good humor and kindness, always proves to be tremendously influential with policymakers and the public alike.

Outcomes:  Akron Children’s Hospital hopes to educate and increase awareness among elected officials, decision makers, and the general public regarding pediatric needs, particularly as it pertains to healthcare. Akron Children’s Hospital will track activities relevant to new or existing policy regarding children’s well-being as well as philanthropy attracted to the cause. Regional and national media attention pursuant to speaking engagements, editorial columns, and social media posts will also be tracked, including estimated number of media impressions generated.

Endorsement:  This advocacy project will be coordinated and endorsed by the Children’s Hospital Association, the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association, and other respected pediatric healthcare entities. Akron Children’s Hospital is actively recruiting other partners interested in children’s healthcare. The hospital is looking forward to engaging other key community organizations in this important work.