By: Brittney Bradner

Safety is our most important core principle and working safely helps ensure that everyone returns home to family and friends healthy every day.  Working safely is the most important thing we do.  That’s why it’s so important that everyone on a construction site is empowered to own and act on safety.

Construction Safety Week is May 1-5.  It is a time when companies and workers across the industry come together to raise awareness about the importance of safety and to promote best practices aimed at keeping workers safe on the job. It is the perfect time to reaffirm our commitment to safety and to recognize the hard work and dedication of employees who help keep our jobsites safe. During this week, Welty jobsites will hold safety training sessions, toolbox talks, and other events to promote safe practices and to encourage workers to take ownership of safety on the job.

The theme of this year’s Construction Safety Week is “Strong Voices, Safe Choices.” it emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to safety that includes not just physical safety, but also mental and emotional well-being. All Welty workers are encouraged to prioritize all aspects of safety, including hazard recognition, risk assessment, mental health, and overall wellness.

Accidents are less likely to happen when everyone on a construction site is aware of the risks and are committed to safety.  Workers who are empowered to speak up about safety concerns or hazards they see can help prevent accidents before they occur. They can save lives and prevent injuries, which is not only good for workers, but also for the industry as a whole. In addition, when workers are empowered to own and act on safety, they are more engaged and invested in their work.

Feeling safe and having the power to speak up when we see something unsafe is essential and we must all commit to Strong Voices to back each other up and make Safe Choices.  Nothing we do is worth risking our lives or the lives of our fellow team members. That’s why empowering our team to raise their concerns and take action goes beyond simply talking about safety at toolbox meetings. Each of us must use our voices to make safe choices.

Welty provides our team members with the necessary resources and encourages all of us to speak strongly without hesitation.  We also have systems in place that gives us the ability to act and to provide creative solutionsBut it is our responsibility to make safe choices. If we do, our jobsites will be safer today than they have ever been.

By planning, communicating, observing, and improving we can stay stronger and safer together. Empowering everyone to own and act on safety on our jobsites is essential for creating a safer, more engaged, and more competitive industry.  By working together to prioritize safety, we can help prevent accidents, save lives, and build a brighter future for everyone in the construction industry. Thanks to each one of you for participating in Safety Week this year!


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