30 for the Future 2018

Young Professional Network – September 27, 2018 – Akron, Ohio

The twelfth annual “30 for the Future” event recognized 30 young professionals (ages 25-39) who live and/or work in the Greater Akron Region, who are trendsetters in their industries, and who make an impact on the region through dynamic leadership and community service.  

Among the 2018 recipients is Welty’s Project Executive, Paul Becks!

Reviewing Becks’ background, it was no surprise to why he was selected. His involvement in over 12 community groups, specifically his role as a Board Chair for the Ace Mentor Program of Greater Akron, is easy to admire.   “I am most proud of my involvement as Co-founder and Board Chair of the Ace Mentor Program of Greater Akron. This organization will make significant progress into improving the prospects for our young residents, particularly those that have significant barriers to success in their lives. I strongly believe that engagement, particularly around mentorship into professional life, is the most effective way to improve the future of Greater Akron.”

His impact at Welty Building Company is equally as sizeable as his community involvement.  At Welty, he has worked to foster the development and implementation of innovative construction methods and technologies, particularly by leveraging LEAN methodologies. The vast majority of innovations, which these teams develop, have gone on to see full implementation across all Welty projects. Further, through industry engagement and speaking events across the country, Becks has been a recognized advocate for Lean Construction and Highly Collaborative Contracts, and he has shaped the industry both locally and nationally. Projects he has been involved with total close to a billion dollars and range from complex healthcare projects, including the Kay Jewelers Pavilion and the Considine Building at Akron Children’s Hospital, signature corporate headquarters such as the Goodyear World Headquarters, mission-critical confidential projects in North Carolina and Tennessee, and signature local projects such as the upcoming Bowery Block Redevelopment in Downtown Akron.

“While every project I have been involved with has been rewarding, I have been fortunate over the past several years to have the opportunity to lead teams in the completion of several high-profile projects for Akron Children’s Hospital. From 2013-2015, ACH and Welty joined forces to complete the Kay Jewelers Pavilion project, a project which revolutionized the way construction can be accomplished. Our team delivered the first implementation of Integrated Project Delivery and Lean Construction in the eastern US, and in turn saved ACH over $60M, while delivering the most energy-efficient hospital building in the state of Ohio,” said Becks.

This was accomplished through his work fostering the development and training of many new methodologies. Since this time, many of the innovating developments this team pioneered have gained widespread acceptance in the regional construction market, and have influenced many conversations throughout the United States.

“Our team recognized the importance of purpose in the work of all professionals, and through mission/vision connectivity were able to connect the 1000+ tradespeople to the mission of Akron Children’s Hospital. We watched gruff construction workers wave to kids in windows, dress up as Santa Claus to hand out Christmas presents, open their wallets to donate a combined total of over $85,000, and come to tears as they handed out presents to terminal patients in the oncology ward. All of this led to a sustainable engagement amongst employees in the field, which empowered the innovation and best-in-class results that were achieved.”

Paul and the 29 other great impacters of the Greater Akron Region were recognized last night at the awards ceremony held at Bricco Prime.  “I’m very humbled to have been selected amongst such an incredible group of leaders. ’30 for the Future’ does an amazing job of selecting individuals that are incredibly invested in the greater Akron community,” said Becks.

Becks’ vision for the Akron community and how he will contribute to building that vision, starts here at Welty.  “As a professional in the construction industry, I naturally have a vision for Akron that includes a revitalized built environment. Many more revolutionary healthcare facilities like the ones we’ve constructed for Akron Children’s Hospital, gleaming corporate headquarters like we’ve constructed for Goodyear; Great buildings and infrastructure have a profound ability to impact the experience of a city.”

Becks is very invested in the future of the Bowery project, which Welty is currently working on, to bring to market with a number of partners. This project will not only revitalize the dilapidated storefronts to the north of the Akron Civic Theater, but will fill what are currently abandoned buildings, with the energy of downtown residents living in newly-built apartments. He is confident that the work from Welty will be transformative for Akron’s built environment.  Which is why he really enjoyed being able to represent the construction industry at the ’30 for the Future’ event. “Companies like Welty play such an integral role in shaping the city, and it was an honor to be surrounded by my Welty colleagues as I accepted this award.”

To be selected as a ’30 for the Future’ recipient the candidate must exemplify a creative, goal‐oriented leader who influences his/her organization and community and an effective role model, mentor, and magnet for people attracted to excellence.

Congratulations to all of the 2018 recipients!

Amani Abraham, WKYC-TV
Paul BecksWelty Building Company
Lucas Blower, Brouse McDowell
Allyson Boyd, Akron Zoological Park
Melissa Brake, USIlluminations
Emily Browning, Akron Children’s Hospital
Matt Cunningham, Cohen & Company
Joel Davidson, Akron Children’s Hospital
Jessica Duncan, Navigator Management Partners, LLC
Lia Evans Jones, The University of Akron
Brandon Farr, Guided Transitions for Supported Individuals, LLC
Jill Flagg Lanzinger, Summit County Court of Common Pleas
Jessica Forrest, Ciccolini & Associates, Co., LPA
Meghan Goetz, MG Marketing Co.
Jessica Haines, FirstEnergy
Tyron Hoisten, City of Akron
Edwin Hubbard Jr., Akron Urban League
Ryan Humbert, Ryan Humbert, LLC / The Summit WAPS-FM
Phil Johnson, SupplyMe/McKinley Early Childhood Center
Meleah Kinlow, Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLC
Zac Kohl, The Well CDC
Kim McFarlane, Ernst & Young, LLP
Meghan Meeker, The University of Akron
Chrissy Myers, Associated Underwriters Insurance
Antha Poleondakis, Merrill Lynch
Jim Sawin, Akron Area YMCA
Brandon R. Scarborough, DREAMS Academy
Ian Schwarber, DriveIT
Mike Sturdivant, Hattie Larlham
Casey Weinstein, City of Hudson/Gartner, Inc.