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Don Taylor


Don Taylor began his tenure with Welty 25 years ago in a Project Management role, which aligned with his former construction and management experience. After five years of growing under Jerry Welty’s leadership, Don and Jerry formed a partnership in 1996 that resulted in the formation of Welty Building Company Ltd. Don was appointed President of Welty in 1996 and CEO in 1999 and has continued to build Welty’s reputation of excellence with foresight in planning and superior end results.

Words to live by:

To be successful you must accept all challenges that come your way. You can’t just accept the ones you like.

– Mike Gafka


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Q&A session with: Don Taylor

Why you love what you do?

During college I worked the night shift in the ER at City Hospital, and they always made you feel like they could not save lives without you. Everyone played a critical role – and that created a sense of purpose and teamwork. That is what I strive to do at Welty: create a high performing team, with healthy competitiveness, that’s always working to improve and do better. I also love to build projects that help the community, and we’re creating the structures that add to the quality of life for the people who live and work here.

Why did you first get into construction?

It was all my grandfather’s doing. He worked in construction, and from the time I could walk he involved me in it. His guidance allowed me to envision a future in construction; it’s what I’ve always known and what I’ve always wanted to do.

What is your fondest industry memory?

When Welty served as Construction Manager for the Inventor’s Hall of Fame. It was a very high profile project that received constant media coverage. President Clinton visited the jobsite, there were multiple visits from the President’s cabinet and from the Governor. It was Welty’s first museum project, and we really had the chance to showcase the depth of our experience, knowledge and professionalism.

Why do you like being in the construction industry?

Every day brings with it a new challenge and learning experience. There are always new technologies and materials to incorporate into our buildings and new processes that allow jobs to go faster or eliminate waste.

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